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Educational Traits


This department adheres to educational philosophies that equally emphasize theory and practice. Curriculum maps from shallow to deep learning are planned for each professional field, which then incorporate industrial–academic partnerships. Professional fields include the application of optical fiber communication and information, green energy and display technology, and photoelectric measurement and lasers, and each is equipped with comprehensive teaching labs, such as for electronic circuits, optical fiber communications, solar energy, principles and applications of lasers, and optics. 

The Bachelor program requires 131 credits for graduation, and key points in curriculum planning involve cultivating fundamentals and practical expertise in optoelectronics in collaboration with electronic and materials integration technology. In addition to university courses, students can participate in industry internships outside the school. 

The graduate program requires 28 credits to graduate, with Optoelectronics I and II and Optoelectronics labs being required courses, enabling the practical application of learned knowledge. This program trains optoelectronic scientists who are necessary for future Taiwanese industries to have a finger on the science and technology pulse and value technological integration. 

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